Canvabadges lets you award badges to students in courses based on their total grade in the course and their completion of course modules. You can also put a manual approval step on as well that requires your final sign-off before they receive the badge.

Put it all together and you've got some lightweight course credentials! Badges can be added to a Mozilla Backpack, or you can drop this javascript file in your global Canvas scripts to let users add them to their Canvas profiles.

NOTE: Students do not earn badges automatically, they must launch the Canvabadges link in modules after completing criteria in order to be awarded the badge.

  1. login using the Twitters to get a key and secret
  2. Copy this XML link and pick "By URL" as the configuration type to add as a new external tool in Canvas
  3. If you're an admin, add this javascript file to your global Canvas JavaScript to make badges appear on user profiles.

Some Badges in Public Canvas Courses

472,715 badges earned so far - see some recipients

Lots of schools will probably want to host their own badge issuing server, so the domain matches their school (i.e. instead of Good news! You can now do that with Canvabadges! Just follow these directions on getting a custom domain configured. Or you can also run the code yourself.

We issue open badges